Voucher Left

Remember this school choice Democrat

Forty years ago, school choice liberals started working with popular Democratic Congressman Leo Ryan to put school choice on the ballot in California. Then, tragedy struck.

Peace, love & accountability

The idea of accountability through school choice isn't new. School choice liberals strongly backed the idea a half century ago.

Loving the Earth, lauding school choice

Mangrove School in Florida, where more than half the students use school choice scholarships, stresses environmental consciousness. It's yet another example of the endless varieties of schools that might be possible with expanded school choice.

Diverse, inclusive & all for school choice

“Alternative schools” like The Magnolia School are among those that benefit from school choice, and there’s no reason why, with expanded choice, an endless variety of related strains couldn’t bloom.

When progressives went big for school choice

In the 1960s and '70s, the political left in America pushed for far-reaching school choice plans in a bid to help disadvantaged students. Today, some on the left are leading the opposition to such proposals.

School choice? Si, se puede!

Cesar Chavez, the iconic labor leader, would have been 90 today. But the progressives pausing to honor him may not realize his vision of social justice included fundamental principles of school choice.

Betsy DeVos, Jimmy Carter and Democratic retreats on school choice

The confirmation battle over Betsy DeVos eroded middle ground over school choice, but Democratic infighting over school choice goes back to the Jimmy Carter era. He supported school vouchers before teacher unions began to flex their political muscle.

Betsy DeVos & black empowerment

When it comes to school choice, black parents have more in common with Betsy DeVos than the white progressives trying to sink her bid to be U.S. Secretary of Education.