For school choice opponents, the Apocalypse is always on the way.

Check out these quotes from Florida, going back to creation of the state’s first “voucher.”

1999: Vouchers “will kill public education.”

2002: With more vouchers, “public schools in the state will crumble.”

2006: Choice supporters “light fuse to detonate the schools.”

2014: Education savings accounts “will blow the doors off public education.”

2019: A new choice scholarship is “the death sentence for Florida public schools.”

2021: More ESAs will be “the death knell for public education.”

This year, a whopping 30 states are considering choice bills. Two, Kentucky and West Virginia, already passed them.

Game over, man!?

Thankfully, we’re good. Which is why we put together this 2-minute video:

Florida has as much choice as any state in America – and not a zombie or alien in sight.

Before you watch, three things:

·       More context. Florida’s trend lines are rising even though Florida ranks No. 12 in percentage of low-income students, and No. 42 in per-pupil spending.

·       More research. This excellent new study finds Florida leading in choice expansion – and seeing especially strong gains among disadvantaged students.

·       More videos. We’re hoping to unveil some other fun, little videos soon. Along with a new “Study Hall” page on the Step Up For Students website.

So, stay tuned.

And with all that sky falling, stay safe.

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