Success of Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship makes Heritage Foundation’s list of top 8 “education choice wins” in 2020

redefinED staff

Launched in 2013, Piney Grove Boys Academy in Fort Lauderdale is one of roughly 2,000 private schools that participate in Florida’s array of choice scholarship programs, including the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship.

The enrollment of more than 100,000 participants in the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program for the 2020-21 academic year garnered the No. 2 spot on the Heritage Foundation’s list of this year’s most important education choice stories.

The year-in-review piece points out that 100,008 Florida students were enrolled in the tax credit scholarship program according to the Florida Department of Education, making it the first school choice program to move beyond the 100,000 mark.

Even as the coronavirus pandemic presented new challenges for students and families, the foundation praised policymakers and families for responding quickly with innovative solutions that helped advance education choice.

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