revisitED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill follows up with public education pioneer Julie Young

redefinED staff

On this episode, Tuthill touches back with the vice president of education outreach and student services at Arizona State University, who also serves as managing director of Arizona State University’s Prep Academy and ASU Prep Digital.

Young, who has been celebrated as an education disruptor for nearly three decades, was founding CEO and president of Florida Virtual School, the world’s first statewide virtual school and one of the nation’s largest K-12 online educator providers.

The two discuss Young’s experience during the last few months of the COVID-19 pandemic that upended public education and accelerated massive education change. Young talks about the 700% increase in full-time students at ASU Prep Digital, which now serves more than 300,000 worldwide. Both Tuthill and Young believe new models of hybrid education will remain a part of public education post-pandemic.

“People swimming with (the changes in public education) are beginning to realize there are new and different ways of learning, that one size does not fit all.”


·       What Young has learned during the pandemic, what has worked, and improvement opportunities for the future

·       The creation of the Arizona Virtual Teacher Institute and Arizona’s support in empowering teachers’ evolution and skill development

·       How public school districts can ride the wave of emerging learning modes such as pods and micro-schools

·       Content development changes and new strategies that have emerged during the last school year

To listen to Tuthill’s earlier podcast with Young, click HERE.

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