SUFS president Doug Tuthill speaks at the Chicago Ideas festival in 2018. PHOTO: Chicago Ideas

What would be the likely outcome if the president of the nation’s largest tax credit scholarship program and the president of the state’s largest teachers union were asked similar questions by a reporter at an NPR and PBS member station?

If you think there’d be little agreement, a few sparks, or even a whole lot of fireworks, you wouldn’t be wrong. At least not usually.

But as WFSU Public Media news director Lynn Hatter recently learned, while Doug Tuthill and Fed Ingram may differ on the details, both want to bring parity to education. Both say the state hasn’t gotten serious about addressing equity in public education. And both are passionate about finding ways to provide a quality education to every Florida student.

“Most middle-class families, their kids are able to play sports, they’re able to do afterschool arts programs, they have summer camps, etc.,” Tuthill told Hatten. “Low-income kids don’t have any of those developmental activities.”

Click here to listen to more snippets of Hatter’s interviews with both Tuthill and Ingram.

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