Busting choice education myths with facts

redefinED staff

It became clear early in the 2019 Florida legislative session that lawmakers were poised to make sweeping changes to benefit education choice. It became equally clear that not all lawmakers agreed those changes would move the state in the right direction.

A flurry of misinformation ensued. Some was unintentional, but much of it followed a calculated pattern of mistruths as old as the education choice movement itself.

That’s why Step Up For Students, a nonprofit approved by the state to administer the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship for students from low-income and working-class families (and that hosts this blog), decided to launch a webpage to address misleading information about a new educational option birthed during the session, the Family Empowerment Scholarship.

The Step Up team identified a series of myths that are easily refuted by a wealth of academic and regulatory information compiled over the 17-year history of the Tax Credit Scholarship. The team drew from numerous sources, including independent financial evaluations and standardized test score results, to uncover the facts – to bust the myths.

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