Florida schools roundup: Testing, teacher salaries and more

Testing legislation. The Florida House advances its revamped testing legislation, in what some are calling a legislative “train.” GradebookWFSUSunshine State News.

Teacher salaries. A teacher salary likely won’t cover the cost of living in Miami-Dade. Miami Herald.

Recess legislation. There’s still time to tackle playtime, Florida’s House Speaker says. Times/Herald.

Crowding. Palm Beach high schools are expected to “burst at the seems” next year. But for middle schools, it’s a different story. School choice and competition part of the reason why. Palm Beach Post.

Charter schools. Florida House legislation renews debates over charter schools and municipal zoning. Politico Florida. A Miami-Dade charter school fights a NIMBY battle. Miami Herald.

Poverty. Bay County school officials talk about its effects on students. Panama City News Herald.

Religious expression. A religious liberty group files a complaint against a Hillsborough County teacher, accusing her of promoting LGBT activism in the classroom and barring students from wearing religious symbols. Gradebook.

Funding. Duval school officials size up programs, weighing possible cuts. Florida Times-Union.

Evaluation. A district consultant picks apart classroom practices in Hillsborough County. Tampa Bay Times.

Impact fees. The Marion school board opts not to charge developers for the impact of new construction on the school district for the seventh-straight year. Ocala Star-Banner.

Security. A Clay County student is accused of having a “shoot list,” which prompts parental notification, though the student insists the list is fake. Florida Times-Union. A student from one high school is arrested for making threats against another. Daytona Beach News-Journal.

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