Wishing for long-lived school choice in Florida

Note: This week on the blog, parents who have chosen a variety of schooling options will be sharing their educational wishes for 2016.

When my daughter was born, I saw Highlands Christian Academy for the first time.

2016 wish logoI told my husband, “Our daughter will come here.”

He looked at me and said, “That school is expensive. We can’t afford it.”

I told him, “I am going to pray about it, and God will make a way.”

When our daughter turned four years old, I remembered the school, and went to the school to get some information. They explained the programs they had, like scholarships and financial aid. I said, “How’s that work?” They gave me a flyer of Florida PRIDE (a predecessor to what is now Step Up For Students, which hosts this blog). Since then, here we go.

I am a Christian, and I’ve always wanted to have my kids learn more about God. The adults in the school are very respectful. They treat their students like their own kids. My kids love to play sports, and the school has all kinds of sorts programs.

They also thrive academically. My daughter is 12 now. She is very intelligent young girl — a straight-“A+” student. Her two younger brothers go to Highlands Christian as well, in first and second grade.

I wish that Florida’s scholarship programs will stay around for a long time. Without the scholarships, people like me couldn’t afford private school for our kids. I’ve used the scholarship for eight years now, and I am blessed because I’ve seen my kids learn better. I am so proud of these scholarships, my kids, and their school.

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