This week in school choice: Low profile

Travis Pillow

Is K-12 education a low-profile issue in the Democratic presidential campaign? (Yes.)

Should reform-minded Democrats worry? (Not yet.)

Is it clear how Hillary Clinton would govern on key education reform issues? (Not entirely.)

Much of the action on education policy seems to be devolving from the federal to the state and local level. More on those dynamics here.


Texas’ fight for private school choice continues.

A Nevada mom laments the potential impact of ESA lawsuits. Education savings accounts aren’t just for private school tuition.

New York City parents mobilize for charter schools. New York charter advocates are now out-spending unions on politics.

A longer look at the Catholic school renaissance.

Reclaiming liberal support for school choice.

A poll shows LA parents support charter expansion.

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Quote of the week

She is a person who dreamed of a school and then made it happen.

-Arthur Levine, former Teachers College president, on an entrepreneurial arts-educator-turned-charter-school founder in the Bronx.

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