Education Week: Florida’s graduation rate still low but improving fast

Ron Matus

Florida’s high school graduation rate remains one of the lowest in the country, but continues to be among the fastest rising, according to the latest graduation rate report from Education Week.

Florida’s graduation rate was 75 percent in 2012, ranking it at No. 43 with Alabama, shows the report released Thursday afternoon. The national average was 81 percent.

Between 2007 and 2012, Florida’s rate jumped 10 percentage points. That puts it in a tie with five other states for the fourth-fastest rate increase. New Mexico led the pack with a 15 point increase, followed by South Carolina (+13), California (+11) and Louisiana (+11). The national rate improved 7 points over that span.

Previous Education Week reports showed a higher ranking for Florida, and a smaller gap between the Florida and national averages. (Last year’s report put Florida at No. 34 with a 72.9 percent graduation rate in 2010, just below the national average of 74.7). Education Week normally crunches federal data using its own graduation rate formula, but could not this year because, “Unfortunately, the release of that federal database has been significantly delayed.”

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Matthew Ladner
Matthew Ladner June 6, 2014 - 8:39 am

It’s worth noting that some states have higher requirements for graduation than others (exit exams etc.) and some don’t. Florida is one of the states with such an exam.

Ron Matus June 6, 2014 - 2:41 pm

Hi Matt. Totally agree. I noted that last year, along with Florida’s high FRL rates. This year, I thought the link would suffice.

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