What’s your #schoolchoiceWISH? (the blog version)

Ron Matus

2013WISHLISTFINALThis week, we posed that question to many of you on Twitter and got an amazing response: more than 1,000 tweets!

In the meantime, we also posed it to some stalwarts in the school choice movement, and asked them to write a short blog post in response. Next week, we’ll begin publishing their fun, thoughtful and provocative answers.

Here’s the all-star line-up:

Monday, Dec. 23: Jon Hage, founder and CEO of Charter Schools USA.

Tuesday, Dec. 24: Robert Enlow, president and CEO of the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice.

Thursday, Dec. 26: Joe McTighe, executive director of the Council for American Private Education

Friday, Dec. 27: Dr. Howard Fuller, board chair, Black Alliance for Educational Options

Monday, Dec. 30: Julio Fuentes, president and CEO, Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options

Tuesday, Dec. 31: Peter Hanley, executive director, American Center for School Choice

We hope you enjoy the posts as much as the #schoolchoiceWISH event. It was a hit!

We’d like to thank HCREO and BAEO for partnering with us, and we’d like to thank Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, the Foundation for Excellence in Education and National School Choice Week’s Andrew Campanella for going above and beyond in getting the word and offering up some sweet tweets. But more than anything, we’d like to thank the hundreds of school choice supporters who took time out to offer wishes for kids and parents. We hoped the event would be an entertaining way to raise awareness about what school choice really is, and who school choice supporters really are, and because so many of you who participated, it was!

Quick holiday note: Most of us at redefinED will be off for most of the time between now and after New Year’s. That means the blog won’t be as active a usual over that stretch, but for the most excellent wish lists posts.

The blog grew remarkably over the past year, and we’re grateful to all of you who read us. Happy Holidays!

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