redefinED roundup: Jindal signs off on vouchers in Louisiana, charter school opposition in Alabama and more

Louisiana: Gov. Bobby Jindal signs off on far-reaching changes in education, including creation of a statewide voucher program. (Associated Press) The state teachers union vows to file a lawsuit challenging the program’s constitutionality. (New Orleans Times Picayune) Meanwhile, another bill to expand school choice – with a program similar to tax credit scholarships – quietly moves forward. (New Orleans Times Picayune)

North Carolina: Charter school enrollment surges in Charlotte. (Charlotte Observer)

Tennessee: Gov. Bill Haslam raises concerns about a bill limiting the number of foreign workers at charter schools. (Associated Press)

Colorado: Choice supporters file legal briefs in case against voucher program created by the Douglas County school district. (

Alabama: This school board opposes a bill that would allow creation of charter schools. ( So does this one. (

Georgia: Local educators, legislators to rally against a proposal for charter schools. (August Chronicle)

Pennsylvania: Vouchers at issue in a key race for state representative. (

Indiana: Public schools get savings from private-school voucher program. (

South Carolina: Legislation to expand public school choice options continues to advance. (

Ohio: More than 1,500 apply for special-needs vouchers, while more than 17,000 apply for other vouchers. (Columbus Dispatch)

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