redefinED roundup: parent trigger shot down in Florida, Blaine Amendment complications in Missouri and more

redefinED staff

Florida: A parent trigger bill goes down on a dramatic 20-20 vote in the state senate. The same body quietly approves an expansion of the state’s tax credit scholarship for low-income students.

Washington, D.C.: President Obama and Republican governors have found a lot of common ground on education, but private school vouchers are a major exception. (Associated Press)

Illinois: Chicago Public Schools chief says he supports public dollars “following” students to private schools, but a spokeswoman says he was not recommending that the state adopt vouchers. (Chicago Tribune)

Louisiana: U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu credits Gov. Bobby Jindal for tackling education reform, but says his voucher proposal goes too far. (New Orleans Times-Picayune) The proposal would have limited impact, maybe 2,000 students the first year, state education officials say. (New Orleans Times Picayune)

Tennessee: Poll finds a majority of residents oppose private school vouchers. (The Tennessean)

Missouri: “Blaine Amendment” causing complications for special needs students in religious schools. (Kansas City Star)

Colorado: Some lawmakers want more oversight of virtual schools. (Associated Press)

Wisconsin: State assembly closer to approving vouchers to students with disabilities (Associated Press), but also close to passing a bill that would curtail expansion of an existing voucher program. (Associated Press)

Washington: Senate committee moves to lift cap on new charter schools. (Spokane Spokesman-Review)

Georgia: State lawmakers tussle over charters, vouchers. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

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